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African Milk Tree

African Milk Tree

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The African Milk Tree, this plant's striking green columns have a reddish tint and are adorned with sharp, vibrant red leaves.  It's a statement piece that brings life and personality to any space.

Despite its name, it is not actually a tree but is actually a succulent. This means that it is low maintenance and perfect for those who may not have a green thumb. It's also known as the "candelabra cactus" due to its resemblance to a candelabra when viewed from above.
Its latex sap has been used medicinally for centuries by indigenous African tribes. It is said to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, making it more than just a decorative plant.

Size: comes in around ~8-10" tall and in a 4" pot.

Sunlight Requirements: Enjoys bright, indirect to direct light.

Water Requirements: Once a month

Pet Friendly: Not pet friendly
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