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Anthurium 'Red Flamingo' (Medium)

Anthurium 'Red Flamingo' (Medium)

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With its unique qualities, Anthurium Red Flamingo is a species well-known in many parts of Latin America; it goes by various names such as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower, and Tail Flower.

This incredible plant adapts beautifully to diverse environments and symbolizes love and happiness. Its heart-shaped foliage evokes the essence of love, spreading joy to all those who behold it.

With fairly low-maintenance requirements, these vibrant, blooming tropicals make for a perfect gift, especially for a loved one.

Size: ~18" tall and a 6" pot.

Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light.

Watering frequency: Once a week

For pet owners: Not pet friendly unfortunately

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