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Geogenanthus 'Seersucker'

Geogenanthus 'Seersucker'

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Seersucker, a beloved summer fabric, traces its roots back to the sweltering climate of Persia. The term "seersucker" originates from the Persian phrase "shir u shakar," which beautifully captures the fabric's lightness and striped linen texture, resembling the delightful combination of milk and sugar.

This captivating plant is commonly referred to as the "seersucker plant" due to its striking resemblance to the charming puckering effect found in seersucker fabric.
This rare and unique plant, in its natural habitat, grows in the shade of larger plants. Because of this, it can get by with low light and does well with occasional dryness making it a perfect low-maintenance plant and an even better plant to show off in any space at home or coffee shop.

Size: can grow up to~12" tall and; comes in a 4" pot.

Sunlight Requirements: Bright, indirect light.

Watering frequency: roughly once every 9-10 days.

For pet owners: NOT pet friendly.

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