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Hoya Heart

Hoya Heart

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The Hoya Heart, native to tropical Asia, is a special and meaningful plant that symbolizes love and devotion. With its unique heart-shape, it is sure to brighten up the room. Plus, unlike roses that usually only last a few days, it will continue to show love for much much longer. 

Keep in mind that this single-leaf plant grows slowly, but with proper sunlight and watering, it can flourish and produce multiple hearts. It makes an ideal gift and serves more as an ornament than a high-maintenance houseplant.
Size: comes in a 3" or 4" pot
Sunlight Requirements: lots of sun; able to tolerate both direct and indirect light. 
Watering Needs: once every 14-17 days.
Pet Friendliness: Yes

    (NOTE: the 4" plant will not grow vines due to it being a leaf cutting.)

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