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Hoya Sweetheart

Hoya Sweetheart

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The Hoya Sweetheart Variegated is a stunning non-flowering houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. This variety features a beautiful yellow splash on its foliage, enhancing its overall look with a vibrant touch.

Native to tropical Asia, these plants do well in summer weather. And, with its unique color, it is sure to brighten up the room. Unlike roses that usually only last a few days, it will continue to show love for much much longer. 

This single-leaf plant grows slowly, but with proper sunlight and watering, it can flourish and produce multiple hearts. It makes an ideal gift and serves more as an ornament than a high-maintenance houseplant.

Size: comes in a 3" or 4" pot
Sunlight Requirements: lots of sun; able to tolerate both direct and indirect light. 
Watering Needs: once every 14-17 days.
Pet Friendliness: Yes
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