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Spiral Cactus (Large)

Spiral Cactus (Large)

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Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis' is a unique cactus that has become increasingly popular among succulent enthusiasts. Its distinctive spiral shape and vibrant green color make it a standout addition to any space.

Native to the deserts of Mexico, Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis' is also known as the "Curly Locks" or "Corkscrew Cactus" due to its tightly coiled, twisted stems. Its small size and slow growth rate make it a great choice for indoor or outdoor gardening.

We absolutely adore this cactus for its incredible low-maintenance nature! It thrives with minimal watering and basks in the beauty of bright indirect light. Such a resilient beauty! Ideal for those who want both uniqueness and don't have the time for daily care.
Size: ~1'-2 tall' and come in a 7" pot.

Sunlight: requires a lot of indirect light and able to withstand moderate amounts of direct light.

Watering frequency: Twice a month or every 10-12 days if placed in direct sunlight.

For pet owners: Pet friendly, but has spikes which make it dangerous to be near.
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