The Enigmatic Beauty of Snake Plant

The Enigmatic Beauty of Snake Plant

snake plant

When people see plants it could be for various reasons, whether its just for decoration and feng sui or for the therapeutic effects of being around plants. But a certain group of people are fascinated by the unique and mysterious beauty of snake plants, also known as sansevierias, or mother-in-law’s tongue.

Snake plants can easily be recognized with their tall, stiff leaves that stand upright like a sword. Not only do these plants look great, they also offer numerous benefits. Their versatility allows them to purify and add light to a room that lacks natural light.

So lets get into the meat and potatoes and talk about snake plants!

Amazing Snake Plant Fact #1

Air purifiers!

Snake plants are well known as one of the greatest natural air purifiers available.

One study found that snake plants can effectively eliminate air pollutants by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, even at night. This brings attention to the amazing potential of creating a safer, cleaner environment for everyone, all while safeguarding our precious ozone!

Amazing Snake Plant Fact #2

Anti-allergy properties.

The leaves of snake plants are great at warding off allergens like dust mites, pollen and pet dander that can trigger allergies. This is due to the waxy, leathery texture and phytochemical properties of their leaves.

Amazing Snake Plant Fact #3

Low maintenance

Apart from cactus, snake plants are one of the worlds most low-maintenance and easier houseplants to care for. Neglect them all you want, Snake plants can thrive without much attention.

To keep your plant healthy, water it every 2-3 weeks. While it can survive in both light and shade, it will thrive better with regular watering. Don't wait too long to water it.

Amazing Snake Plant Fact #4

High resistance to pests.

If you or someone you know has multiple plants around the house for long periods, you may have encountered pests such as spider mites, mealybugs or scale that can cause extensive damage.

Fortunately, snake plants are highly resistant to most of these species and have a much lower risk of being infected with them compared to other houseplants.

Snake plants are the ideal choice for plant fanatics looking for something unique and easy to maintain. The added bonus is that pests tend to avoid snake plants.

Snake Plant Fact #5

Contrary to popular belief, this plant is actually suitable for Feng Shui.

Snake plants act as a natural filter for feng shui energy and makes any space feel serene. It also has the ability to bring out the positive energy in a room by promoting air quality and balance.

Spiky plants have been known to absorb negative energy and snake plants are no different. Place it in a corner of your home or workspace to keep the positive vibes flowing and ward off any bad luck.

Snake Plant In Your Home

As you may know, plants may be used in a number of ways, from aesthetic purposes to therapeutic effects. But if you’re looking for something that is both unique and has numerous benefits, then snake plants are the perfect choice.

Not only do they look great, but their air purifying abilities help reduce overall pollution levels and rid of bad energy and they look great doing it.

With all of these advantages combined with its ability to bring out positive energy in the room through Feng Shui principles, it's no wonder why so many people choose this enigmatic beauty of a plant!

So what are you waiting for, get your snake plant today!

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