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Desert Rose

Desert Rose

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The Adenium Obesum, commonly known as the Desert Rose, is a plant that’s easy to adore despite its misleading name—it is not an actual rose. This succulent is a popular indoor plant known for its versatility and ability to thrive outdoors, showing great resilience. With its beautiful look, ability to withstand tough conditions, and symbolism of love and beauty make it a captivating, easy-care choice that adds charm and uniqueness to any space.

Care Instructions

Enjoys tanning, best placed in an area that exposes it to a light like a window.

Adapted to survive in arid conditions, the Desert Rose is a water-wise plant. It has the ability to store water in its succulent leaves and trunk, allowing it to endure prolonged periods of drought. Water enough to maintain some water in the soil but not in excess.

Hewma Pro Tip:
With the right care, it can survive and thrive for decades.

For Pet Owners: Not Pet Friendly.

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