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Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

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The Zebra plant, perfect for indoor spaces, is a beautiful choice for any home. It grows slowly, does well in low light, and adapts to small spaces.

Known for its distinctive striped leaves, this plant originates from Brazil and belongs to the Calathea family. Similar to its relative, the prayer plant, it folds its leaves at night and opens them in the morning. Its eye-catching appearance and unique leaf movement make it an intriguing choice for any space!

Care Instructions

LIGHT: Bright Sun
Zebra plant thrives in bright indirect light. I can tolerate a fair amount of direct morning sun, but avoiding lengthy periods of direct sun.

During the warm summer months, place under shade as Zebra plant loves humidity

WATER: Moderately Thirsty
Resist a scheduled watering regime. Only water when the top is a quarter dry.

Avoid watering directly on leaves to avoid crown rot.

For Pet Owners: Pet Friendly!

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